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Applications industrielles -- Success Stories


Datapaq system for monitoring of bake processes BlueArrowImage Bake oven characterization and balancing in pizza manufacturing
  How does a major global supplier producing close to 2 million chilled pizzas every week guarantee product quality and minimize production waste?

Datapaq system for temperature uniformity surveys - Aerospace Industry BlueArrowImage Composites Curing for Aerospace Industry
  How can the quality of aerospace composites be ensured to correspond to the strict requirements of NADCAP AMS2750E?

ET2 Oven Application Image BlueArrowImage Paint Supplier Solves Customer Paint Cure Issues
  How can I identify why my painted agricultural equipment is cured on one day and not the next with changing weather conditions, when my oven controller suggests that the oven is working fine?

Prototype vehicles in a laboratory test oven BlueArrowImage Temperature Monitoring of prototype vehicles in a laboratory test oven to allow efficient OEM process setup at product launch
  How can I guarantee that when a new car is launched to full production, there is minimal process setup time, costs or risk of delays due to the oven not meeting the specific heating requirements of the car body design and construction?

Safety of 3-Piece Cans BlueArrowImage Wicket Oven Temperature Monitoring Guaranteeing Safety of 3-Piece Cans
  How can I efficiently prove that the internal lacquer cure process is performed correctly to required regulations, guaranteeing 3 piece food can product quality and safety?

Coating of Doors BlueArrowImage Temperature Monitoring and Optimization of Catalytic IR Cure Ovens in the Coating of Plastic Composites and Wooden Cabinet Doors
  How can I monitor the thermal cure of delicate plastic composites and wooden cabinets in a catalytic infrared (IR) oven without contact errors from traditional thermocouples?

MultiPaq21 Data Logger BlueArrowImage Validation of the Clean in Process (CIP) Sanitization of Freezer Equipment used in Ready-to-Cook Applications
  How can I validate the “CIP” thermal sanitization of processing equipment, such as spiral freezers used in daily clean down?

EasyTrack2 Data Logger BlueArrowImage New Part Oven Orientation Optimization in Custom Coating
  How can I guarantee that the paint cure on a large hitch assembly, made up of sections of differing metal thicknesses, is performed correctly in my conveyor oven?

BlueArrowImage Baking of Electroplated Metal Fasteners to Prevent Hydrogen Embrittlement Failure During Operating Life
  How to assure corrrect post baking process of electro plated fasteners to prevent formation of hydrogen molecules in voids within the metal, which can lead to internal cracks and field failure.

BlueArrowImage Flat Glass Tempering in Low Height Furnaces
  The tempering of sheet glass is a process used for automotive, architectural and specialist glass sheets. How can the temperature profile of glass sheets be measured accurately in low height tempering furnaces?

BlueArrowImage Automotive Structural Metal Bonding
  How did an automotive manufacturer optimize uniform heating of the car body shell during the Ecoat cure process, to prevent the failure of structural adhesives, i.e. distortion/warping, using the Datapaq Oven Tracker® XL2 System?

Success Story BlueArrowImage Selective Soldering
  Automotive manufacturers are increasingly asking suppliers for proof that all soldering processes are subject to some form of Statistical Process Control (SPC). How can the repeatability of the selective soldering process be measured and recorded using Datapaq products?

BlueArrowImage Vapor Phase Soldering
  When soldering high value products that contain components of differing thermal mass, the solder thermal profile is critical. How are Datapaq products used to monitor all of the soldering processes in the manufacturing facility and reduce training costs to a minimum?

BlueArrowImage Hot Smoke Fish Curing Process
  How can temperature uniformity in the hot smoking process be validated to meet the requirements of HACCP? A trial with the Datapaq system quickly shows if the the hot smoke kiln is correctly balanced.

BlueArrowImage Continuous Monitoring of Paint Curing on Automotive Bumpers
  What is the best way to continuously monitor the performance of an automated paint curing process? A Datapaq system monitors every product cycle, providing live product temperature data from the two coating oven lines over the 9.5 hour shift.

BlueArrowImage Hot Forming Automotive Panels
  Hot forming is being increasingly adopted in the forming of structural panels in the production of automobiles. How does the Datapaq system measure the temperature uniformity of the panel in the fast heating process and allow process optimization?

BlueArrowImage Simultaneous Measuring Of Temperature and Humidity in Automotive Paint Lines
  The application of paint onto the car body and the de-humidification prior to clear coat application and full cure, requires accurate control of both; temperature and humidity. How does a Datapaq system measure and report both for a complete picture of this process?

BlueArrowImage Curing Coatings Used In Electric Motor Manufacturing
  To ensure long operating life for electric motors used in the automotive industry, the windings of the motor are lacquered and steel surfaces coated. How does a manufacturer supplying these motors measure the paint/powder and lacquer curing processes on electric motor parts?

BlueArrowImage Silicone Breast Implants
  To meet current medical validation protocols, the production of silicone breast implants needs to be accurately surveyed at 16 measurement points. How does a Datapaq system survey a multiphase oven used in the manufacture of sterile breast implants?

BlueArrowImage Automotive Airbag Silicone Coating Cure Verification
  For an airbag to function correctly, it is coated with a low friction silicone layer and cured in tenter (stenter) oven. How does the Datapaq Oven Tracker® system verify this process for traceability and protection against costly liability and litigation issues.

BlueArrowImage Vulcanizing Automotive Rubber Door Seals
  How does a rubber extrusion manufacturer guarantee the physical properties of the product as it goes through a vulcanization process using the desired cure schedule?

BlueArrowImage Automotive Curing Adhesives And Sealants
  How does a major automotive manufacturer improve passenger safety and reduce manufacturer liability issues by optimizing the curing process of the adhesives, sealants and mastics using a Datapaq® OvenTracker® XL2 system?

BlueArrowImage Binder Resin Cure In Glass Fiber Insulation
  How does a global manufacturer of insulation material optimize curing of their glass fiber insulation rolls to minimize scrap rates by using a Datapaq customized Q18 system?

BlueArrowImage Exothermic Feeding Sleeves In Foundry Casting
  Feeding sleeves are used in our customer’s process where molten steel is poured into the ingot mold. How does the Datapaq EasyTrack2 safely and accurately provide the temperature profile of the drying/curing process of foundry feeding sleeves?

BlueArrowImage HACCP Validation For Large Cooked Hams
  As part of the HACCP program, ham products need to have both cook and chill processes validated independently of the oven/chiller control system. How does a meat processing company validate the complete ham cook and chill process efficiently and economically with a single Datapaq monitoring system?

BlueArrowImage Drying Of Contact Paste In Solar Cell Manufacturing
  In the production of PV solar cells, ensuring that the contact paste is dried correctly is necessary to maximize cell efficiency. How can a solar cell manufacturer shorten process profile time from 15 to 2 minutes using a new, low height version of the Datapaq Q18 datalogger?

BlueArrowImage Seamless Pipe Heat Treatment
  Temperature uniformity and hardening of seamless steel pipes for the oil and gas industry is vital for the reliability of the end-product. How does a manufacturer of oil and gas pipes use a Datapaq TPaq21 system to verify temperature uniformity during the heat treatment process and minimize furnace set-up time?
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