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Oven Insight 7.3 for even easier set-up of cure processes

avril 03, 2014

Cambridge, UK – Datapaq provides a software update for the Oven Tracker temperature profiling system for use in automotive paint-shops, paint and powder coating, oven commissioning, and textile manufacturing. The new software version Oven Insight 7.3 supports real-time data export via Open Platform Communications (OPC). The open-source standard enables users to monitor and control processes through the software application of their choice. Combined with a radio-telemetry-enabled data logger, this provides control level users with a window into the oven. Process validation - often a matter of trial and error - is greatly sped up by means of a new optimization tool which helps users determine the success or failure of process parameter combinations. It can, for instance, predict the effect of 5 °C temperature reduction in the hold zone or 10 % line speed change on product quality. This cuts down on the costs for measurement runs. As well as oven temperature set-points, the actual probe readings for all zones are now imported from the oven controller and automatically included in the Datapaq report. This reduces errors and saves much time as operators no longer have to fill them in by hand.

Datapaq Oven Insight 7.30 Figure: All temperature data at a glance: the system documents the Datapaq measurements as well as oven target temperatures and actual probe readings

Another new tool especially benefits manufacturers of three-piece food and aerosol cans: the WicketPaq system, a Datapaq solution for monitoring wicket ovens which are used in curing printed or lacquered metal cans, now includes a thermal contour plot feature that clearly visualizes the thermal distribution across the metal sheet as it travels through the oven

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