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Kiln and furnace temperature logs analyzed and optimized

novembre 23, 2015

Berlin – Operators of kilns and furnaces can now make the best of their resources: the new DATAPAQ Insight Basic software from Fluke Process Instruments enables precise and fast analysis of thermal processes. The manufacturer also supplies a full range of thermal barriers and data loggers that record temperature profiles while inside the furnace or kiln. Trimmed down to the essentials but with highly useful application-specific tools, DATAPAQ Insight Basic is the right software for manufacturers working in a competitive market. A new contour plot function generates heat maps of 2D products, allowing line operators to pinpoint hot and cold spots and identify possible causes such as faulty burners. Ceramics manufacturers can rely on the tested and proven quartz index analysis function for close monitoring of heating and cooling rates across the quartz inversion zone. They can set alarms for time at temperature and slopes. Usability has been further improved through a new, simplified process file template, which gathers together all process and oven parameters. DATAPAQ Insight Basic is available in 14 languages. Users can toggle between selected languages on the fly. The software fully supports the new DATAPAQ TP3 data loggers with up to 20 thermocouples, including support for multiple thermocouple types, up to ten runs before data read-out, multiple events, start/stop triggers, real-time process monitoring via radio, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Illustration: Featuring new tools such as the contour plot function, the DATAPAQ Insight Basic analysis software enables line operators to recognize and rectify oven or process problems quickly and efficiently

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