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Feel the heat

New 20 channel data logger records in-depth temperature profiles
août 03, 2015

Cambridge, UK – Datapaq presents a new-generation temperature profiling system for kiln processes. The extremely durable DATAPAQ TP3 data logger features up to 20 thermocouple channels and a ±0.3 °C accuracy for compliance with stringent specifications. A 3.6 million data points memory and energy-saving operation allow for detailed data collection. The DATAPAQ Insight analysis software helps user quickly establish the correct firing profile for new products and thereby reduce both the reject rate and fuel consumption. It furthermore supports fault-finding and customized reporting. Users can connect various thermocouple types to a single logger - Datapaq preconfigures the sockets to order.

Datapaq Temperature profiling system for kiln processes Illustration: Easy to use, rugged, and highly detailed: the new DATAPAQ TP3 helps brickworks and ceramics manufacturers with process setup and fault-finding

An optional radio kit provides immediate insight into the process, allowing kiln operators to solve problems quickly before the next car is affected. It is powerful enough to transmit through thick kiln walls and from long kilns of 150 m or more. The software and the radio system support multiple loggers, enabling comfortable monitoring of several kiln cars. Datapaq offers a wide range of thermal barriers to protect the logger electronics in a variety of applications and kilns. Specifically engineered barriers are available for floor, roof, and wall tiles, heavy clay, sanitary ware, and tableware. Their thermal capacity is sufficient to withstand high heat for the duration of the process, e.g. up to 35 hrs at 400 °C and up to 10 hrs at an average 900 °C with peaks up to 1,200 °C.

Datapaq at the ceramitec exhibition
Munich, Germany, 20 - 23 October, 2015
Hall B2, Stand 110

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