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SolarPaq Profiling System for CiGs Panel Coating

•  Profiles cell temperatures with the plasma energized
Reports the exact process conditions experienced in production
Powerful and user-friendly Insight analysis software
DQ1840 Data Logger
DQ1840 Data Logger Datapaq VB2040 Vacuum Barrier Anti-reflection Coating Insight Software
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Product Description

The Datapaq® SolarPaq system has been designed specifically to monitor the temperature of the glass substrate as it passes through the vacuum coating process. The profiling system passes through the multi-chamber process, measuring the temperature profile from up to 4 positions on the glass; even with the plasma activated. This feature, combined with the unique reflective plate thermal barrier enables the system to be used without disrupting normal production flow.

Monitoring this deposition process is key to optimizing it. Due to the nature of the processing equipment, this process was until now, very difficult and costly to measure. Now, for the first time, there is a system that can pass through the process and obtain full product temperature profiles.

For detailed information and system specifications, download the SolarPaq for CiGs brochure (PDF).

Insight Software for Solar Tracker

This newly designed software has been created specifically for use within the PV solar industry and contains many process-specific analysis displays. Wizards guide the users step-by-step, ensuring that both experienced and novice users obtain maximum benefit in the shortest possible time. For more information download the Solar Tracker® Insight Anti-reflection Coating Standard Report.

Data Logger

The Datapaq Q18 logger features rugged, reliable and accurate data acquisition circuits, clear status indicators and an intelligent battery management system. In addition, the DQ1840 is housed in a machined-from-solid stainless steel enclosure only 9mm (0.35") thick with all LEDs and buttons recessed for protection from heat during the process. This design ensures best electrical and thermal performance even with plasma energized.

Thermal Barriers

The thermal barrier is based on multiple reflective radiation shields combined with a central heat sink. This combination ensures the logger is both kept cool for the duration of the vacuum process and also, crucially, at the end of the process when the vacuum is released. The use of reflective shields eliminates outgassing, ensuring minimal disruption of the process. The outer surface is coated with a thin, extremely high temperature resistant ceramic coating. This prevents discoloration of the barrier, ensuring consistent performance time and time again.


The use of the correct thermocouples will ensure best results from the system. We supply and recommend Type K 1.0 mm/0.04 in mineral-insulated thermocouples for this application. They provide the necessary electrical screening, combined with a good thermal response time in a rugged, easy-to-use thermocouple.

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